2015-2018 Initiatives

 accelerando-music (sepia)With the dramatic cutbacks in music education programs in PEI’s elementary and secondary schools, the Terra Nova Fund seeks to provide avenues for students and PEI residents to access music, both in the school system through extra-curricular activities and in the community at large.  To this end, in October 2014, the Fund made a contribution to the Confederation Centre of the Arts Foundation to create the ACCELERANDO Classical Music Performance Fund.  It is a permanent endowment designed to support community engagement through live, classical music performances.  Monies contributed by the founding donors and others will foster training and career development of a new generation of young musicians, and, most importantly, help create a culture of musical literarcy and life-long appreciation of orchestral masterpieces, chamber music, opera, and other forms of ensemble performance.

With donations to the Confederation Centre’s ACCELERANDO Fund, and through additional, individual contributions made through the TERRA NOVA FUND, this year’s special initiative seeks to support the programs and activities of the following organizations:  PEI Symphony Orchestra, Singing Strings, Debut Atlantic, Indian River Festival, and the UPEI Department of Music, specifically, its recital series.

investigative journalism icon (transp)Our nation’s politicians and civil servants should be accountable to the public.  Access to information and openness in government is the bulwark of our civil liberties.  All too often, federal, provincial, and municipal governments deny access to information that should rightfully be open to its citizens.  The result is excessive government secrecy and lack of accountability by elected officials that can result in the needless squandering of tax dollars.

Newspapers, radio and television media outlets, and freelance print or online journalists and bloggers play a special and important role in exposing the excesses of government.  To “shine light in dark places” is the unique role that investigative journalists can and should play in our society.

But the sweeping technological changes that have impacted the fields of journalism and news media outlets, it becomes increasingly more difficult for news organizations to devote personnel and resources to investigate and expose waste and corruption in government.  A need has emerged to help support individual journalists and news outlets that are willing and do devote their limited financial resources to investigative journalism.

To support these efforts, in conjunction with the Atlantic Journalism Awards (www.ajas.ca)—a highly regarded annual program established in 1981 to recognize journalistic excellence and achievement (either arising from lifetime achievement or for an important individual exposé) in print and/or electronic news media in Atlantic Canada—the Terra Nova Fund will provide funding to establish an award recognizing excellence in investigative journalism.  By recognizing and honouring outstanding achievement in this field of journalism, it is our hope that media outlets will strive to devote more personnel and resources to support this important work.

In the future, when additional funds become available, the founders of the Fund hope to see the cash award and plaque superceded by additional support funds to enable continuing education scholarship opportunities (modeled after The Jack Webster Foundation’s professional development opportunities currently available to British Columbian journalists) for Atlantic Canada journalists interested in advancing their skills in investigative reporting.

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