Targeted Beneficiaries

Champion worthy causes that seek to encourage and spur innovative

To the extent funds are available, the following organizations have been targeted by the FUND as eligible to receive financial support during 2023-2024:


 ACCELERANDO CLASSICAL MUSIC PERFORMANCE FUND, of the Confederation Centre for the Arts Foundation  With initial funding provided by the Terra Nova Fund, the Accelerando Classical Music Performance Fund is the first and only Confederation Centre of the Arts Foundation endowment that focuses specifically in the realm of classical music appreciation and performance. The interest derived from the corpus of the Fund supports live classical music performance and experiences, fosters training and career development of a new generation of young musicians, and creates a culture of musical literacy and life-long appreciation of orchestral masterpieces, chamber music and other forms of ensemble performance. In 2023, a Legacy Gift of $250,000 is pledged to the ACCLERANDO Fund.

LUMINOS ENSEMBLE  Formed in 2017 by its Artistic Director Dr. Margot Rejskind, the Luminos Ensemble is a Charlottetown-based professional choir of trained vocal soloists who are passionate about small ensemble performance. The voices of Luminos Ensemble seek to “create an ethereal and spiritual musical experience” that is “thrilling and electric”. For several seasons the ensemble has presented innovative and thoughtful programs by programming exceptional works drawn from the entire 1000-year history of choral music which are performed at the highest possible levels of artistic excellence.  In 2023 the organizations dynamic founder is seeking to assemble the islands first all professional chamber orchestra.  The Terra Nova Fund is pleased to support this breakthrough effort.

National Youth Orchestra of Canada  For more than fifty years, the National Youth Orchestra of Canada has enjoyed an iconic reputation as Canada’s orchestral finishing school, providing the most comprehensive and in-depth training program available to our country’s best young classical musicians. As the bridge between music education and a music career, NYOC trains well-rounded and skilled orchestral musicians who are able to thrive in a variety of performance environments. Contributions to this organization will be used to for general organizational support and to financially assist any island youth who, through competitive audition, becomes a member of the orchestra.

UPEI Department of Music University of Prince Edward Island
Through a planned giving agreement with UPEI, the Fund would entertain departmental requests for the support the UPEI Music Department Concert Series and similar initiatives which offer a unique opportunity to hear musical artists with growing reputations on the local, regional and national level.

MUSIC PEI This year the fund is sponsoring the classical music concert during Music PEI’s Music PEI Week, an annual celebration of PEI’s music industry. The five-day festival recognizes the remarkable achievements of our local artists and professionals with shows featuring many of the Music PEI Award nominees and special guests. Featured artists for the March 10, 2023 concert at UPEI Steele Hall include The Atlantic String Machine, pipa soloist Tiffany Liu and opera singer Lindsey Connolly.

History, Heritage & Environment:
Island Nature Trust
The Island Nature Trust is dedicated to the protection and management of natural areas on Prince Edward Island. The organization acquires lands to be held in trust for future generations, manages these lands as an example of appropriate and sustained use, and assists private owners who voluntarily seek to protect their lands.

UPEI Department of History University of Prince Edward Island
Through a planned giving agreement with UPEI, the Fund is empowered to provide financial support to the UPEI Department of History. Upon request by the Department, the fund would consider requests for financial help to support student activities such as the history club, experiential travel (in which students participate in history conferences and symposiums); history outreach activities such as historical research-based lecture series targeted to a general audience.

Thomas Paine National Historical Association (TPNHA) Founded January 29, 1884 in New York City, this historical association is among the oldest historical associations in the United States. The organization’s mission is designed to ensure Paine’s rightful place in history as a preeminent founder of the United States of America, and the key political theorist in the age of democratic revolutions around the world. The Terra Nova Fund is pleased to provide support funds to advance the efforts by the Association to see a national memorial to Paine to be constructed in Washington D.C. and dedicated by 2026.

Human Services:

ANGELS OF PEI (Facebook link needed) Founded by Anna Cherepanova, a Ukrainian who lives on P.E.I., along with her friends Christine Zareck and Wendy DeBoer, the Angels of PEI seeks to support a orphanage and to buy food, water, medicine and other items to disperse to people in need in several cities in Ukraine. The law firm Cox & Palmer and accounting firm Fitzpatrick & Co. volunteered to help set up the charity. The lack of charitable status has not hindered the founders of the Fund from donating to the Angels as the financial needs of the organization evolve.

COOPER INSTITUTE   The Cooper Institute is a developmental education centre established in 1984 that is engaged in popular education and research.  The Institute works in partnership with other groups that are organized for social change including, but not limited to, those engaged in migrant, indigenous and tenant rights, justice reform, immigration and environmental reform, and health care. For several years now the Fund has supported the activities and general operations of the Institute through an annual end-of-year donation.

Canadian Friends Service Committee The Canadian Friends Service Committee, the Canadian peace and service agency of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), works with international, national, and local community partners to achieve a world where peace and justice prevail. Through its diverse, worldwide programs and activities, the Committee carries out its commitment to the Quaker testimonies for simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship.

UPEI campus Food Bank (at the Chaplaincy Centre)  The campus food bank, housed at UPEI’s Chaplaincy Centre, has been in operation for the past 15 years and has helped roughly 50 students each year. This number continues to grow as students face higher costs of living and other financial hardships. Students facing financial hardship can obtain food items at the campus food bank.

Community Foundation of PEI The Fund is pleased to work closely with the Community Foundation of PEI (CFPEI) in support of various Terra Nova Fund and other CFPEI special initiatives. The CFPEI serves as the Fund’s principal pass-through organization in support of the Fund’s various initiatives. The CFPEI hosts both the Terra Nova Fund’s pass-through fund and its sister legacy endowment. For a detailed description of our relationship with the CFPEI see the “Our Partners” page on this website.